Catfish Bait

The Catfish Bait is a fishing lure specifically designed to attract catfish.

  • High Quality, High Performance
  • Taffy Style Product Contains Various Scents and Attractants
  • Dissolves Slowly
  • Remains in Place Even When Under Water
  • Many Advantages to Conventional Liquid Attractants


Utility Patent #9,820,491

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor James L. Harvey of Sidney, IA has been enjoying the outdoors for over 40 years. He has created a fishing lure specifically designed to attract catfish.

Nowadays, fishermen no longer rely on the traditional hook and worm approach to attract their game. Instead, a broad range of products have hit the market. One of the more popular aids is that of various liquids that get applied to lures in an effort to attract fish based upon scent. Unfortunately, the water tends to quickly wash these attractants away. Frustrated by his bait always getting washed off and falling off his hook; Inventor Harvey has created a means by which chemical style attractants can be enhanced to ensure that more fish are caught. The invention is for catching catfish but could be adapted for use with other types of fish as well.

This clever new invention is a high quality, high performance product. This taffy style bait contains various scents and attractants. It dissolves slowly. It remains in place even when under water. The invention provides many advantages to conventional liquid attractants available on the market today. The use of the Catfish Bait provides fishermen an increased chance of not only attracting catfish, but an increased ability to set the hook and land them as well.

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