Cat Litter Box with Non-Stick Bottom Panel

The invention is a cat litter box with a non-stick, silicone-coated interior to make maintenance easier.

  • Prevents Clumps from Sticking
  • Makes Box Easier to Clean
  • Keeps Litter Fresh Longer
  • Non-Stick Scooper Included


Design Patent #D743,641.

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Fayann B. Jones of Girard, Pa has developed a cat litter box and scoop with a nonstick silicone-coating to make maintenance easier.

Cleaning a litter box is an unpleasant task. Waste sticks to the bottom of the box making removal difficult and messy. Inventor Jones wanted to design a litter box with scoop that makes routine maintenance easier with less mess.

The litter box and scoop has an interior coating of nonstick silicone, which will reach up to the litter height. The bottom panel of the litter box is designed to be flexible. A simple tip of the box and a tap to the bottom loosens stuck-on waste and separates the litter. The nonstick coating is also on the litter scoop allowing for less mess during clean up. The waste is then easily removed in the conventional manner. The use of the Litter Box with Flexible Surface provides cat lovers an easy method to maintain a litter box without the usual mess associated with such devices.

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