Carry a Tune

Carry a Tune is a kit that provides all the tools needed for teaching or learning music anytime, anywhere.

  • Ages 5+
  • Makes Material Easier To See
  • Stands Upright or can be Hung on Wall
  • Collapsible, Easily Stowed, Transportable
  • Must Have for Those Writing or Collaborating on New Music


Design Patent #D747,769.

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Raji Sarkis, a pianist and artistic director from Montreal, QC has created a kit that provides all the tools needed for teaching or learning music anytime, anywhere. It includes a double-sided collapsible dry erase music board, magnets of all music notes and symbols, marker and dry eraser, and booklet of traditional songs and melodies.

Reading and understanding printed music can be stressful and confusing. Teaching methods such as chalkboards and whiteboards are useful, but may not be available at music learning locations. Even if they are, much time is spent drawing staffs, staves and notes that can be easily misread by the student due to their hastily drawn nature. Such limitations certainly slow down the learning process and cause frustration. Inspired by his longtime experience in music education, Inventor Sarkis created Carry a Tune. His aim was to offer the user, especially children, the convenience of a music kit and case.

This clever new invention is for ages 5 and up. It makes material easier to see. The device stands upright or it can be hung on a wall using a hook. The invention is collapsible, easily stowed, and transportable. Its a must have for those writing or collaborating new music. Carry a Tune is safe and easy to work with for children, music educators, and musicians alike. All contents of the kit are beautifully gathered and stowed in one case that can be easily carried by hand or in a school bag.

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