Cardinal Golf Chip

Determine your playing order with the Cardinal Golf Chip!

  • Must-have Device for Amateur Golfers
  • Easiest Way to Determine Tee Off Order
  • Determines Playing Partners for Best Ball
  • Also a Ball Marker for the Greens
  • Easy to Manufacture


Design Patent #D818,552

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Gilmen A. Cardinal of Wabasca, AB has created a clever new invention that is a must-have device for amateur golfers!

As an avid golfer, Inventor Cardinal was tired of seeing foursomes take forever to flip a tee three or four times before actually being able to determine their playing order and tee-off. In turn, he bought a poker chip and wrote the numbers 1-4 equally spaced around the chip on both sides. All he and his golfing buddies had to do was flip the chip once and the tee off order was in place!

The success of this idea led to the creation of the Cardinal Golf Chip and now its being brought to market! Its the easiest way to determine tee off order. It can also determine playing partners for best ball. Golfers could simply use it as a ball marker for the greens, too. It is easy to manufacture.

To learn more about the Cardinal Golf Chip and for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities, act now!

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