Car Ramp with Lifting Mechanism

The invention is a vehicle ramp with an integral hydrauliclifting device for accessing the underside of motor vehicles.

  • Additional Raising Capabilities 
  • Adjustable Resting Plate 
  • Equipped with a Safety Lock 
  • Integral Rail Guides 
  • Great for Low Profile Vehicles


Design Patent #D750,338.

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Mark Ruotsalainen of Big Lake, MN has developed an integral hydraulic lifting device for accessing the underside of a motor vehicle.

Even the most reliable and robust vehicles require repair and regular maintenance. Many of these repairs use vehicle ramps, which allow the front or rear of the vehicle to be driven up to the top of the ramp. While such ramps do an admirable job, they typically cannot be used on low-profile vehicles with low ground clearance. This is due to the fact that the underside body structure will contact the ramp before the wheels do. Thus, such vehicles must use conventional jacks or other types of access to the underside that may not be as safe. Inventor Ruotsalainen has created a means by which vehicles with low ground clearance can be afforded the safety, convenience, and access properties of car ramps.

This clever new invention is equipped with a safety lock, an adjustable resting plate, integral rail guides, and has additional raising capabilities. It is ideal for low profile vehicles. The use of the Car Ramp with Lifting Mechanism allows for low profile vehicles to use a vehicle ramp in a manner that is not only quick and easy, but most importantly safe.
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