Cannula Support Device

This invention is an apparatus to hold an oxygen cannula in place on ones face while providing comfort and protection for patients ear and cheek area.

  • Allows For Easy Air Passage
  • Ideal For Long-Term Use
  • Eliminates Patient Worrying & Stress
  • Will Not Roll Over Or Slip Off
  • Provides For Better Patient Care

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Mary A. Preston and Cynthia M. Muchacho of Minot, NDhave developed a simple attachment to provide comfort for oxygen users. 

Anyone who has ever used oxygen orother gases can attest to how uncomfortable it is wearing the tube.  They can often be seen fidgeting with theoxygen tube, or nasal cannula, that is inserted in their nose.  The cause of their discomfort usually stemsfrom the cannula tubing that is routed behind their ears, as this tubing isrelatively hard in nature and causes pressure on the ear and cheek area,especially after prolonged periods of use. Some care providers take foam padding and tape it to the ear pieces tohelp alleviate this discomfort.  However,the foam padding often falls out of place and is essentially useless, inaddition to being bulky and uncomfortable. Inventors Preston and Muchacho have created an attachment fornasal cannulas which helps to provide comfort to the ear and cheek areas of theoxygen user. 

This clever new invention easily attaches to cannulatubing to alleviate pressure on the users face, making it ideal for long-termuse.  As a result, it eliminates the patienthaving to stress about being in a constant state of discomfort or adjusting thetubing since the invention does not slip off or roll over.  The invention does not affect the oxygen flowand still allows for easy air passage. Also, it is available in multiple sizes to ensure that it can be used byall oxygen users.  The use of the Cannula Support Device provides greatlyincreased comfort for patients on oxygen for an extended period of time.
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