Candle Stand with Chinese Character Motif

Our Candle Stand with Chinese Character Motif is a sleek and fashionable candle holder with the Chinese character for love. This eye catching design brings style to any home design.

  • 3 Interchangeable Pieces
  • Top, Base, Decorative Element & Stems
  • Pieces Screw Together
  • Sold as Kit for Mix & Match Entertaining
  • Various Seasonal, Event, or Decorative Designs


Patent #D643,950

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Shannon L. McCullough of Bellwood, ILhas designed a decorative candle stand that can be used in the home, office, andjust about anywhere else.

Interiordecorating practices incorporate a wide variety of styles, borrowing ideas fromcultures across the globe to achieve a unique, signature style for the spacebeing decorated.  These decorating themesengage all major decorative aspects of a space, including carpeting, wall coverings,furniture, draperies, and also extend to accessory items such as objects placedon tables, cabinets and furniture.  Inresponse to the constant evolution of interior design methods, designers andmanufacturers are constantly in need of new and innovative ideas that affordthe ability to achieve a popular, yet unique and easily changeable decorativeroom appearance.  Inventor McCullough has created a sleek and fashionablecandle holder that is sure to appeal to many tastes.

This clever new invention has a tasteful designthat is centered on the Chinese depiction of the word love.  It holds many different types of candles andcan even be made in different sizes to accommodate any room or surface.  Whether it is used in the home or office,this candle stand blends in with any dcor and is an excellent conversation starter.  The useof the Candle Stand with Chinese CharacterMotif providesa unique and eye-catching candle holder that is pleasing to observe at alltimes.

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