Cake Shield

This invention provides an easymeans of inserting, using and removing a large number of birthday candles on abirthday cake.

  • Eliminates Wax Drippings on Cake
  • Provides Sanitary Protection
  • Clear Plastic Allows Decorations to Show
  • Legs Hold Shield Around Perimeter
  • Adjusts to Cake Size


Design Patent #D627,190

Story Behind the Invention

InventorLouise W. Fain of Raymond, MS has designed aneasy and sanitary means of inserting a large number of birthday candles on acake.

One of the mostwell-known traditions associated with a birthday party is the birthdaycake.  The cake is brought out withcandles ablaze and happy birthday is sung to the guest of honor, after whichthe candles are blown out.  However, afew faults quickly appear with this situation. First, it is difficult to secure a large number of candles withoutmessing up the cake decorations.  Second,wax can drip onto the cake surface, requiring a tedious removal process.  Finally, dust, dirt, and even spit can causeunsanitary and unsightly conditions.  InventorFain has created a means by birthdaycakes can be served without the above hassles. 

This clever new invention is adjustable to variouscake sizes, and has four legs around its perimeter to hold the shield above thecake.  It is constructed of clearplastic, which allows cake decorations to show through.  The use of Mama Lous Cake Shield allows birthday candles to be placed on a cake in a matter thatavoids wax drippings, dirt and spit.

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