Cake Knife

This invention is a heated knife specifically designed to cut ice cream cakes.

  • Aids in Cutting Process 
  • Microwavable 
  • Ergonomic, Cushion Handle Design 
  • Decreases Need to Reheat 
  • Cuts Through Cake Effortlessly


Design Patent #D629,663

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Barbara Grobelny of Burlington, NJ has developed a heated knife specifically designed to cut ice cream cakes.

Just about everyone loves the taste of ice cream cakes. They are a popular desert at birthday parties due to the combination of cold ice cream and the sweet taste of frosting. However, one aspect of ice cream cakes which is not much fun is the task of cutting them. The frozen hard ice cream is almost impossible to cut through with even the sharpest of knifes. Some users heat the knife in hot water immediately before cutting the cake. This method works, but only for one or two cuts. Inventor Grobelny has created a means by which ice cream cakes can be easily cut.

This clever new invention cuts through ice cream cake effortlessly. The knife is microwavable and will not need to be heated often during the cutting process. The ergonomic, cushioned handle makes the invention easy to grip, which also aids in the cutting process. The use of the Cake Knife provides users the ability to not only cut ice cream cakes, but to do so in a continuous manner which is quick, easy and effective.

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