Caddy for Powered Toothbrushes

This invention is a hygienic and organized caddy to store electric toothbrushes when not in use.

  • EliminatesCross-Contamination
  • Rubber GripsSecure Toothbrushes
  • Removable Gridfor Easy Cleaning
  • Drain DrawerComes Out for Cleaning
  • Wall- Mountedor Free-Standing
  • Keeps CounterUncluttered


Patent D670,116

Story Behind the Invention

InventorAnn Amatoof Largo,FLhas developed a hygienic and organized caddy to store electrictoothbrushes when not in use. 

Thereare many benefits to brushing ones teeth, including removal offood particles and plaque. Most people store their manualtoothbrushes in a toothbrush holder, however these types of holderare not meant for use with electric-powered toothbrushes. As such,users of electric toothbrushes are forced to use unsanitary methodsof storage, which result in the build up of waste water andtoothpaste on the brush. Such accumulations may lead to theformation of bacteria, mold and mildew, which can be transferred tothe handle. Inventor Amatohas created a way in which electric-operated toothbrushes can bestored without the danger of contaminating the handle.

Thisclever new invention has rubber grips that secure toothbrushes, and aremovable grate and drain drawer for easy cleaning. It can be freestanding or wall mounted. The invention keeps the counteruncluttered, while eliminating cross-contamination. The use of theCaddyfor Powered Toothbrushesprovides an effective means to store electric toothbrushes when notin use, while providing an extra measure of security againstaccidental contamination.

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