Buu Pow

Buu Pow is a new and exciting casino card game!

  • Easy to Play and Understand
  • Easy to Push
  • Keeps Players at the Table Longer
  • Playing Deck Consists of 40 Cards
  • To Win Have Both Your Hands Beat Both of Dealer's Hands


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Tom X. Do of Brookings, SD has created a new and exciting casino card game!

While at the casino, Inventor Do observed that many people didn't understand how to play the various games. They didn't understand the rules or strategies needed to win. He would frequently see people getting up to leave and he'd ask them, "Why are you leaving so early?" People would respond with, "I'm broke" or "I lost all my money." He also thought all the casino games that he played were getting boring. Others did too. In turn, Inventor Do was inspired to create a game that could be enjoyed for hours. He also wanted the game to be simple enough to learn so more people would be willing to give it a try and stay and have fun. He figured if people are coming to the casino, they should stay and have a good time!

Now they can enjoy hours of playing time with Buu Pow! This clever new game is easy to play and understand. It will keep players in the casino for longer. The playing deck consists of 40 cards. The object of the game is for a player to have both their hands beat both of the dealer's hands. Act now and join in on the fun!/p>

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