Bushing Extractor

The Bushing Extractor is a tool to aid in the removal of spring eye bushings used on semi tractor trailer rigs.

  • Easy Removal of Worn Bushings
  • Eliminates Use of Unsafe Hammers
  • Saves Time and Money
  • Protects Machined Surfaces
  • For All Types of Spring Eye Bushings


Design Patent #D770,252

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Carl Dwight Colter and Daniel S. Hewettof Hazlehurst, GA are in the trucking industry and have created a tool to aid in the removal of spring eye bushings used on semi tractor trailer rigs.

Nothing beats having the proper tool for a job. One field where there has been a need for a specialized tool is in the removal of spring eye bushings that are typically used on tractor trailer rigs. When these bushings are worn, they must be replaced to ensure safe operation. The typical removal process consists of hitting them with a hammer until they are dislodged. While such a method works, it is dangerous to the worker, subjects others in the area to flying objects, and can result in damage to the area surrounding the bushing resulting in higher repair costs. Inventors Colter and Hewett have created a means by which spring eye bushings and similar bushings can be safely removed.

This clever new invention allows for easy removal of worn bushings. It eliminates the use of unsafe hammers. It saves time and money. It protects machined surfaces. The device can be used for all types of spring eye bushings. The use of the Bushing Extractor allows mechanics to remove bushings on large trucks, in a manner which is not only quick, easy, and effective, but with increased safety for the user and less risk of damage to components.

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