Burial Capsule

This invention provides for theburial of a loved one in a low cost manner that reduces the environmentalimpact for future generations.

  • Lower Cost Design 
  • Lighter & Smaller Than Conventional Caskets 
  • Same Features As Conventional Caskets 
  • Multiple Colors & Sizes Available 
  • Smaller Footprint Uses Less Space

Story Behind the Invention

InventorRobin A. Moran of Stone Mountain, GA, presentsa patent pending low cost casket in the shape of a capsule.

After the deathof a loved one, in addition to the grieving, family and relatives are faced withhigh funeral and burial costs.  One inparticular is the cost of the casket. Inventor Moran has developed a new typeof casket that is low cost and designed in the shape of a capsule.  Its unique design saves space and materialcost.

This clever new inventionis lighter and smaller than conventional caskets.  It has the same features as a conventionalcasket, but opens differently.  The lid slidesopen along a track system as opposed to swinging open by a hinge system.  The invention comes in multiple sizes andcolors.  It is of a low cost design andforms a smaller footprint on the environment due to its materials ofconstruction and space-saving shape.  Useof the Burial Capsule savesadditional cost and worry for family and relatives during their time ofmourning.

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