Bunk Bed Privacy Method

The invention is a one piece decorative privacy curtain for the bottom bunk on a bunk bed.

  • Provides Bottom Bunk with Privacy
  • Keeps Light Out
  • Decorative Accessories Available
  • Not Permanently Attached
  • Multitude of Fabric Possibilities


Design Patent #D663,990

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Zo Wagner-Henninger of Stanley, NM has developed a privacy curtain system for the lower bed on a bunk bed frame.

Interior design and furniture styling incorporate a wide variety of styles for both aesthetic and practical purposes. Inventor Henninger fulfills both with a specially designed piece that increases the privacy of a bunk bed, namely the lower bunk.

This clever new invention consists of multiple fabric panels that hang down from the top bunk to the lower bunk on all four sides, providing the bottom bunk with 100% privacy. The panels on the long sides are split-panel, which allow them to be pulled and tied back for ease of access. There is a multitude of fabric possibilities that can be made in a wide variety of colors and styles to match any dcor. It is easy to set up and is not permanently attached. Use of the Bunk Bed Privacy Method provides a unique decorative alternative for bunk beds that serves both aesthetic and practical purposes.
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