Bully Bowl

The Bully Bowl is a pet food bowl that has been specially designed to reduce the risk of choking during feeding.

  • No Tip, No Spill Design
  • Keeps Food in the Bowl and Off the Floor
  • Premeasured Fill Lines
  • Adjustable in Height
  • Especially Great for Messy Eaters and Special Needs Pets


Utility Patent #9,930,865

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Robin A. Hunt of Vivian, LA has created a pet food bowl that is specially designed to reduce the risk of choking during feeding.

One hardship endured by pet owners is keeping their pets bowl from toppling over. In addition, the right pet bowl should not be detrimental to the animals health in any way. Unfortunately, choking and gagging are some of the most common hazards associated with todays pet bowls. It is also a benefit to provide bowls that can be adjustable to account for a growing animal or if a single bowl is to be used with animals of different sizes.

Inventor Hunt was inspired to create the Bully Bowl after inheriting an Olde English dog. The dog had a difficult time eating out of regular pet bowls. Due to an underbite, food was falling out of the dogs mouth and she was virtually unable to eat at all.

Now with the Bully Bowl, feeding time is no longer a struggle! This clever new invention keeps food in the bowl and off the floor with its no tip, no spill design. Premeasured fill lines make it easy to adhere to a vets recommended amount of food. The bowl is adjustable in height. While a smart addition to any pets home, the bowl is especially great for messy eaters or special needs animals.

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