Bubba Towel

The Bubba Towel is a specialized hand towel to assist in cleaning and preparing fish.

  • The towel is covered in multiple small silicon nubs. Now users are able to have a firm grip while handling fish or other wet and slippery objects. The Bubba Towel protects from slime, sharp fins, rough scales, pointy whiskers, and other common hazards encountered during the cleaning and preparation process. It assists with hook removal. The towel can also measure your fish, too! What’s more, the invention can hook to your clothing and it’s retractable. This allows you to wear the Bubba Towel while you’re fishing so you won’t have to worry about losing it!


Design Patent #D771,980

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Sarah E. Adams of Boise, ID has created a specialized hand towel to assist in cleaning and preparing fish.

Perhaps the biggest problem associated with cleaning and preparing fish is the actual holding of the fish during the process. Slime, sharp fins, rough scales, and pointy whiskers, are hazards which not only cause the fish to slide off of the cleaning table, but may also injure the person doing the cleaning as well. Some people wear gloves during this process, but this may actually cause more slipperiness instead of reducing it. To get a better grip on fish, Inventor Adams had resorted to using a non-slip yoga towel. This is when the idea for the Bubba Towel was born.

This clever new invention provides enhanced gripping capability. Its size makes it easy to use. It protects a user from sharp fins. It also measures fish. The towel is reusable after washing. The use of the Bubba Towel provides a better way to handle fish during cleaning and fish preparation in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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