Breakaway Combination Tool

The Breakaway Combination Tool is a hammer with enhanced features for use in working with wooden concrete forms.

  • Hammer and Wire Tie Break-Off Tool in One
  • Snaps Wire Ties Off Clean
  • Easily Disassembles Form Work
  • Saves Space in Toolboxes and on Tool Belts
  • Great for Professionals or Do-It-Yourselfers


Patent #D828,135

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors John T. Callahan, Jr. and Dorothy A. Callahan of Tewksbury, MA have created a hammer with enhanced features for use in working with wooden concrete forms.

Poured concrete walls are a common method of building and structure construction. They require some work, especially during the form building process. These forms, typically made of wood, utilize wire ties to help hold the forms together about their midpoints to prevent bulging as they are filled with concrete. After the forms are removed, the exposed tie ends must be broken off using a specialized hand tool. A standard hammer is used to help remove latches as well as free forms. However, using these two tools takes up extra time and space. Inventors Callahan have created a means by which two hand tools used in concrete form work can be modified and integrated together.

This clever new invention is a hammer and wire tie break-off tool in one. It snaps wire tires off clean. It easily disassembles form work. It saves space in toolboxes and on tool belts. It is great for professionals or do-it-yourselfers. The use of the Breakaway Combination Tool provides multiple advantages while performing concrete form work in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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