Brassiere with Interior Pockets

The invention is a brassiere with concealed inner compartments.

  • Functions And Looks Like A Conventional Brassiere
  • Conceals Valuables
  • Eliminates Necessity To Carry Purse
  • Easy To Reach Inside Pocket
  • Comfortable


Design Patent D 686,389

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Shannon Hayes and Daniel N. Melton of Soulsbyville, CA have created a brassiere with concealed inner compartments.

Women often use purses when out in public to carry personal items such as wallets, makeup, checkbooks, grooming aids, and the like. However there are times when they need to travel light, such as when caring for children. Other times women do not want to bring a large purse out for the evening or when attending a dinner or show. It is also a good idea to carry the hard-to-replace valuable items like currency, credit cards, and a drivers license separate from other items where they will not be lost if the purse is stolen. However, the options on where to carry these items are limited for women due to the lack of pockets on typical womens clothes. Inventors Hayes and Melton have created a means by which a woman can carry personal items such as money or credit cards in a safe, discreet manner without the usual risks associated with purses.

This clever new invention functions and looks like a conventional brassiere. It conceals valuables and eliminates needing to carry a purse. The inside pocket is easy to reach and the brassiere is comfortable. The use of the Brassiere with Pockets allows one to venture out in public without the security risks associated with purses, while allowing women to carry necessary valuables in discreet fashion.

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