Boxed Wine Stand

This invention is a holding and dispensing system specifically designed for multiple boxes of wine.

  • Clearly Displays Wine Name
  • Can Be Made to Hold One or as Many Boxes as Desired
  • Angled Design Creates Smooth Pour
  • Recessed Dispensing Area for Glass Usage
  • Ideal for Homes, Night Clubs, Restaurants & Functions


Design Patent #D720,166

Story Behind the Invention

The availability of wine in a box or carton has become more popular over the years. It provides for a greater quantity of wine without the added cost of expensive bottles. Additionally, the boxed structure itself is more ecologically friendly compared to its conventional glass counterparts. However, the dispensing of wine from such boxes is not without its disadvantages. The biggest problem is the ability to get the final amounts of wine out of carton when it is nearly depleted. Such action usually requires the help of another individual to hold the box while the other person operates the spigot and holds the glass. Inventors Trindall have created a means by which boxed wines can be easily utilized.

This clever new invention can hold up to four boxes of wine, and still clearly displays the wine name. Additionally, the angled design allows for smooth pouring. The invention is ideal for homes, restaurants and other functions. The use of the Boxed Wine Stand allows for the storage and use of boxed wine in a manner which is not only quick, easy, and effective but also aesthetically pleasing.
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