Bow-Tying Device and Method of Use

This invention is a decorative bowmaker with enhanced features setting it apart from other bow makers on themarket.

  • Eliminates Hand/Finger Cramps 
  •  Spike Prevents Bows From Unraveling 
  •  User Can Leave Project If Needed 
  •  Spike Safety Cover Prevents Injury 
  •  Creates Various Bow Sizes

Story Behind the Invention

InventorsMolly P. Meyer of San Antonio, TX & Robert L.Acker of New Braunfels, TX have developed an apparatus for makingdecorative bows.

Decorative bows thatare typically used on gifts and other objects are considered staples during theholidays.  As common as they are, themethod of creating them is not as simple as one would expect. It involves asimple jig-based machine that allows the user to wrap everyday ribbon aroundmovable dowel rods.  While this processobviously works, it requires the user to hold the ribbon in place around thecenter post for the entire bow making process or else the ribbon may simplyfall apart.  Inventors Meyer & Acker have created a method bywhich one can easily make their own decorative bows using only one hand.

This clevernew invention can create various bow sizes and allows the user to leave theproject with the help of a spike that prevents bows from unraveling.  The spike has a safety cover to preventinjury and the ability to leave the project eliminates the issue of hand andfinger cramps. The use of the Bow-TyingDevice and Method of Use provides users the opportunity to quicklyand easily make their own bows in various sizes.

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