Boot With Heel Spikes

InventorsDixons patent pending invention called Heel Pix (Boot with Heel Spikes) is a mechanism with retractable studsdesigned to be installed inside the heel of a work-type shoe.

  • Walk Safely on Snow & Ice
  • 4-6 Studs in Each Heel
  • Activated by Positive Cam Lock
  • Control Dial on Heel Face
  • Easily Converts for Indoor/Outdoor Use


Utility Patent #8,122,617

Story Behind the Invention

Claresholm, AB Inventors Kenneth R. Dixon & Debra D.Dixon announce their patent pending invention known as HeelPix (Boot With Heel Spikes). 

Inventors Dixon developed this clever innovation, whichis a mechanism withretractable studs designed to be installed inside the heel of a work-type shoe.  The bottom portionof the shoe heel features four metal spikes that retract in and out via a camplate, driven by a cam lever and activated by a control dial located on theoutside face of the heel. When the metal spikes are extended, they can be usedto walk safely on snow and/or ice, and can also be used in wintertime sportingevents. The metal spikes can be retracted by simply turning the dial andallowing them to retract flush or slightly below the surface of the shoe sole.The invention is viewed as being particularly useful for those in construction,public service, law enforcement or any profession in which walking outside inwinter conditions and then inside on finished floors is a regular part of theirwork day.  The use of HeelPix (Boot With Heel Spikes)provides a quick means of improving safety when walking on snow and ice withoutthe inconvenience of changing shoes, using clumsy add-on devices or riskingdamage to floor surfaces.

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