Boot Puller with Trailer Hitch Attachment

The invention is a combination trailer hitch vehicle adapter and static boot puller that attaches to an existing vehicle trailer hitch receiver. It is done by inserting an attachment portion of the device into the receiver and locking it in place with a hitch pin.

  • Integrally Welded to Trailer Hitch
  • Works Universally on Any Hitch
  • Easily Inserted into Receiver under Vehicle Bumper
  • Permanent & Structurally Sound
  • Extremely Durable Metal


Design Patent #D706,688

Story Behind the Invention

Many truck and SUV owners use their vehicle to tow all sorts of things from boats to campers via a trailer hitch. This method works great and gets the job done; however, it would be an added bonus if a trailer hitch adapter could do more than just tow. Inventor Baldwin has created a means to not only use a trailer hitch for towing, but also to remove ones boots.

This clever new invention is made from metal making it permanent and structurally sound. It is easily inserted into the receiver under the vehicle bumper, which makes it convenient and easy to use. Finally, the invention is universal so it will work on any type of hitch. The use of the Boot Puller with Trailer Hitch Attachment provides an easy and effective manner to remove ones boots and to tow a trailer or the like.

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