Body Jewelry Tool

The Body Jewelry Tool is designed to aid in the application and removal of body piercing retainers.

  • Holds Retaining Ball on Piercing
  • Rubberized Grip for Easy Turning
  • Prevents Lost Retainers
  • Internal Grasping Mechanism
  • For Home or Commercial Use


Utility Patent #8,579,270

Story Behind the Invention

No longer are people just piercing their ears, rather it is becoming common place to see all over body piercing in an effort to seek self expression. Many of these body piercings are held in place with a retainer that is the shape of a ball. These balls are tiny and extremely difficult to hold. Additionally, when one factors in awkward angles, frustration and the fact that water or sweat may make the ball slippery, it is almost impossible to thread the ball on or off the piercing. Inventors Hansen and Steves have created a means by which body piercing retainers can be removed and replaced without the frustration.

This clever new invention has a rubberized grip which allows the user to easily rotate body jewelry retainers. The tool has an internal grasping mechanism that helps hold the retaining ball on the piercing for easy application. Lastly, the invention will be useful for both home and commercial use alike. The use of the Body Jewelry Tool allows individuals to apply and remove a body piercing in a manner which is quick, easy and effective.

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