Bird Collar

The invention can be worn on various birds for protection from feather picking or other self mutilations as it restricts a birds neck movement and area of reach.

  • Cushions for Overall Comfort
  • Promotes Feather Regrowth
  • Moisture Absorbent and Order Eliminating
  • Washable with Removable Plastic Insert
  • Available in Different Sizes


Utility Patent #8,726,849

Story Behind the Invention

It is a more common occurrence than one might think that birds pick out their feathers and self mutilate other parts of their body. Unfortunately, traditional bird collars are lacking in many areas to help prevent these problems. With a traditional bird collar in place the bird cannot eat, drink or play, which makes for one unhappy bird. However, with Inventor Billig and LaMarshs collar the bird can carry on as normal, and still avoid self mutilation, which makes birds and bird owners very happy.

This clever new invention is cushioned for overall comfort. It is also moisture absorbent, which helps to eliminate odors. The collar is washable once the plastic insert is removed, so it can be used over and over again. The collar really does work to help promote feather regrowth without interfering with the birds day to day life. Finally, it is made available in different sizes so that all birds can be protected in comfort. The use of the Bird Collar helps birds regrow feathers and stop self mutilation making both the bird and the bird owner overjoyed.

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