Billiard Cue Holder

  • Holds Billiard Cue Sticks
  • Easily Mounts To Walls, Tables and Counter Tops
  • Decorative Design Appealing to Billiards Dcor
  • Great for Using At Home or Bars/Restaurants
  • Multiple Styles, Shapes & Colors Available

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Kevin Dale Mathis of Oroville, WA has created an attachable decorative miniature pool table with C-shaped clamps located on the outer surface for holding billiard cues.

Billiards continually ranks among the most popular of the recreational/sporting activities that many people enjoy. Thousands of people play pool every day, ranging in intensity from the casual player that shoots pool periodically, to the serious shooter that plays several times a week. Regardless of skill level, many people have trouble holding onto their cue sticks when not in use. They often resort to leaning their sticks against chairs and tables. This presents the opportunity for pool sticks to be bumped or broken. Inventor Mathis has created a means for a billiard cue holder that enables a cue to be safely retained in a decorative manner.

This clever new invention holds billiard cue sticks. It mounts easily to walls, tables, and counter tops. It has a decorative billiards dcor design. It is great for use at home or at bars and restaurants. Multiple styles, shapes, and colors are available. The use of the Billiard Cue Holder decoratively retains pool sticks in a manner which is quick, easy, and convenient.

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