Bifurcated Bedding System

The invention is a line of bed linens that separate into two different sections for sleeping and then join back together in the morning when the bed is made.

  • Eliminates Cover Stealing
  • Snaps Together for Bed Making
  • Sewn Bottom to Eliminate Separation
  • Provides A Better Nights Sleep
  • Ideal for Couples


Design Patent D 684,797

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Audrey Rohwer of Leander, TX has created bed linens that can either separate to become two sections or join together to form a single unit.

Those of us that share a bed are well aware of the term stealing the covers. This act usually happens when someone holds the covers and rolls over. Not only is one person left with fewer covers, but a draft is created from increased tension on the bed linens. Inventor Rohwer developed a means by which the effects of cover stealing can be reduced or even eliminate for all bed occupants.

This clever new invention features a snap system that allows the linens to be separated at night and then snapped back together in the morning. The bottom portion of the bedding system does not snap apart so that the covers are not permanently separated. The invention facilitates a good nights rest for everyone, especially couples. The use of the Bifurcated Bedding System eliminates the worry of having bed linens stolen in a manner that is easy and effective.

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