Bicycle with Resistant Arm Exercise

Our Bicycle with Resistant Arm Exercise enables exercising your arms while riding a bicycle. It comprises a tensioning mechanism to increase the difficulty of the rotation and further increase the complexity of the exercise.

  • ProvidesFull Body Workout
  • Handlebar Cycles in SameCircular Motion as Legs
  • Tension Controls ProvideVarying Resistance Levels
  • ExtraCushioning Handle Grip
  • Perfect for Any Bicycling/Fitness Enthusiast


Utility Patent #9,155,932.

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Adam Paulsen of Houston, TX has designed a device that allows the user to not only exercise their legs, but their arms as well.

Modern concerns over health and physical fitness have produced an abundance of people who religiously participate in a variety of exercise regimens in order to stay in shape. One of the most popular exercise activities involves bicycle riding. Bicycle riding also helps with conservation of natural resources by reducing the reliance on motor vehicles. However, when using a bicycle only the legs are being exercised, but most people want a way to exercise both their arms and legs at the same time. Inventor Paulsen has created means by which both the users arms and legs can be exercised.

This clever new invention features handlebars that cycle in the same circular motion as the legs when riding a bicycle. The user can also control the amount of resistance experienced by the arms. The invention is perfect for any bicycling and fitness enthusiast. The use of the Bicycle with Resistant Arm Exercise provides a means to exercise ones arms and legs in a manner that is quick, easy and effective.

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