Bicycle Storage Tree

The invention is a freestanding bike rack that provides elevated storage for bicycles.

  • T-Shaped Frame
  • Portable
  • Multiple Storage Hooks
  • Can Be Used Indoors/Outdoors
  • Ideal for Rentals, Apartments & Garages


Issued Patent # 8,500,074

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Scott Cochran & Michelle Gullett of Jackson, MO have designed a freestanding bike rack that provides elevated storage for bicycles.

A peek inside most garages would most likely reveal a scene in which lawn furniture, garden tools, hoses, boxes and even Christmas decorations are tossed in a tangled pile. However, the biggest offender in most garages is that of bicycles. Their large size coupled with their awkward shape requires a large amount of storage space for even a few bicycles. Families with children or situations at other locations where a large amount of bicycles are present require a large amount of floor space for storage, which leaves little room for anything else. Inventors Cochran & Gullett have created a means by which bicycles, scooters and other similar devices can be easily stored in a garage or elsewhere without having any connection to a building or permanent structure .

This clever new invention is a t-shaped frame with multiple storage hooks along its horizontal arm. It is made portable via two wheels on the underside of the base, which make use of the invention adaptable to just about anywhere. The storage tree would be ideal for rental properties, apartments, and garages. The use of the Bicycle Storage Tree allows for the neat and orderly storage of bicycles in a manner which keeps them off of the ground and out of the way.

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