Bicycle Storage Container System

The invention is a bicycle storage system used in a modular design with storing capabilities of up to two dozen bicycles or more.

  • Protects Bicycles from Theft & Vandalism
  • Solar Powered Locking Hinge Mechanism
  • Interior LED Lights for Nighttime Access
  • Accommodates All Different Sizes & Styles of Bicycles
  • Aesthetically Pleasing To Look At


Utility Patent #8,820,004

Story Behind the Invention

Modern concerns over health and physical fitness have produced an abundance of people who religiously participate in a variety of exercise regimens, some of which include bicycle riding. Bicycles are also extremely popular in urban environments where most stores, jobs, and living centers are located within riding distance of one another. When not being ridden, bicycles are typically left outdoors where they are not only subject to theft or vandalism, but also are exposed to the elements. Rain, snow, sleet, and UV radiation quickly destroy a bicycle, thus forcing costly and frequent replacement. Inventor Jeffords has created a means by which bicycles can be stored outdoors in urban environments in a simple and flexible manner that addresses the aforementioned problems.

This clever new invention protects bicycles from theft, vandalism and the elements. It features solar powered locking mechanisms, interior LED lights and solid access doors. This modular unit is designed to accommodate different sizes and styles of bicycles. Additionally, its aesthetically pleasing look and sleek design makes it ideal for just about any location.The use of the Bicycle Storage Container System allows bicycle owners to securely store their bicycles in an outdoor environment in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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