Beverage Sleeve With Temperature Gauge

A revolutionary twist onthe conventional insulated beverage sleeve. The Beverage Sleeve withTemperature Gauge gives a digital readout with the push of a button whichdisplays the temperature of the beverage. Don't be surprised by a warm drinkagain!

  • Ideal for Any ColdBeverage 
  • Pushbutton Technology 
  • Easy to Read DigitalReadout 
  • Powered by ReplaceableBatteries 
  • Great Advertising Tool

Story Behind the Invention

Many people enjoy nothing more ona hot day than an ice cold beer.  Othersmay enjoy non-alcoholic refreshments such as ice-tea, lemonade, soda, or evenwater.  Whatever ones tastes, suchdrinks are usually consumed via a glass, bottle, or can.  To keep these drinks cold, many people resortto the use of insulated beverage sleeves, made of foam, that slip over thedrink container.  These sleeves insulatethe cold drink from the warmer ambient temperature, thus keeping the drink coldlonger.  However, after enough time anydrink will become warm.  Since the usercannot tell by touch if the beverage is cold or not, due to the foaminsulation, one is forced to put it to his or her lips.  If the beverage should be warm, it can be anasty tasting shock, especially if its beer.

Inventor Saul Mendoza, Jr. ofMission, TX, has developed a revolutionary twist on the conventional insulatedbeverage sleeve by adding a temperature gauge. This gauge gives a digital readout with the push of a button whichdisplays the temperature of the beverage.

The Beverage Sleeve with TemperatureGauge keeps beverages cold and drinkers happy.  The easy-to-read display provides a uniqueeasy-to-understand temperature indicating system.  With the simple push of a button, the devicereads Perfect for drinks 33- 40, followed by Cool, Still Cool, GettingWarm, and Grab Another in 10 increments. The battery is replaceable, but will last a long while.  It is a great advertising tool and perfectfor those who enjoy cold beverages.  Neverbe surprised by a warm drink again!

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