Beverage Can with Integral Tab Lifter

The invention is a newly designed beverage can which has an integral flanged lip which engages pull tab for easy opening.

  • Flanged Lip Located at Bottom of Can
  • Concave Profile Engages Pull Tab
  • Does Not Affect Practicality or Appearance of Can
  • Eliminates Broken Fingernails & Hurt Fingers
  • Ideal for Beer Drinkers


Utility Patent #8,960,487

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor William Holt Parke of Boyce, VA has designed a beverage can with an integral flanged lip which engages pull tab for easy opening.

Just about every type of beverage is available in cans today. This ready-to-consume convenience makes them ideal for use at home, work, sporting events, and the like. However, many people such as children and the elderly experience difficulty when trying to open the pull tab top. It is hard for many to get their finger underneath the pull tab top and apply adequate pressure to open the can. People must risk hurting their finger, breaking a fingernail, or experience the embarrassment of asking someone else to open the can for them. Inventor Parke has created a means by which pull top beverage cans may easily be opened by anyone.

This clever new invention has a flanged lip located at the bottom of the can. A concave profile engages the pull tab. It does not affect practicality or appearance of a can and eliminates broken fingernails and hurt fingers. It is ideal for beer drinkers. The use of the Beverage Can with Integral Tab Lifter allows for easy opening of pull tab beverage cans in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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