Portable Beer Chiller and Dispensing Unit

The invention provides a unique and effective method of chilling and serving draft beer from a keg.

  • Provides Instantly Cold Beer
  • Convenient Mobile Design
  • Lockable to Prevent Tampering
  • Accommodates Most Kegs
  • Extends Beer Freshness
  • Ideal for Outdoor Events


Design Patent #D693,183

Story Behind the Invention

Many people enjoy the taste of a draft beer. In restaurants and other fixed locations draft beer relies on complicated refrigeration and pressurization systems requiring a source of external power. However, draft beer that is served outdoors or in a temporary location usually is served in a keg on ice. This method requires a set amount of time to lower the temperature of a keg, and the beer must be manually activated by a pump. Inventors Lyles & McClellan created a means by which draft beer can be served from temporary locations without the reliance on external sources of power or long wait times for chilling.

This clever new invention can accommodate most kegs, and is lockable so that the inside system can not be tampered with. It also allows the keg to remain mobile, which makes it ideal for outdoor events. Most importantly the user is provided with instantly cold and fresh beer. The use of the Portable Beer Chiller and Dispensing Unit provides a method of getting your favorite draft beer at home or at a party without the inefficiencies of a conventional system.

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