Bed Linen Changing Means

The invention is a bed with special features that allows for the mattress sheets to be changed without having the bed occupant move, it also allow the patients skin to air out.

  • Increases Care Level For Bedridden Patients
  • Does Not Disturb the Bed User
  • Requires Only One Person
  • Similar To Hospital Style Bed
  • Ideal for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, etc


Utility Patent #8,646,132

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Vu Long Uy Nguyen of Vaughan, ON has designed a hospital bed that allows the areas of a patients skin that come in contact with the mattress to be aired.

Patients who are confined to bed as a result of an illness, disability, or accident are faced with many problems. One of these problems is that of bedsores due to the weight of the patient on certain areas of the skin. Patients who suffer from severe burns or cuts have even more discomfort. Therefore, airing the areas of the skin that come in contact with the mattress and bed linens is very important and should be done on a regular basis. However, the amount in which the patient is moved must be minimized for the comfort and benefit of the patient. Even if the bed linen changing process can be made as quickly as possible, the patient is still being put under stress or discomfort. Inventor Nguyen has created a means by which the skin can be aired and the bed sheets for a bedridden patient can be easily changed without removing the patient from the bed.

This clever new invention is ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, and in home care. It does not disturb the patient, and makes it easy for one person to change the sheets. Overall, the invention is very similar to that of traditional hospital beds, but it increases the care level for those patients who cannot leave their bed. The use of the Bed Linen Changing Means provides for easy changing of bed linens without disturbing bedridden patients, thus reducing the amount of work for nurses and caregivers.

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