Bed Frame Riser

The invention provides a decorative element every college student is looking for when sprucing up their dorm room. Style! Not only do these Bed Frame Risers work like traditional risers and come in an array of colors but the designs have a soft exterior eliminating the pain that comes from stubbing your toe on hard plastic or metal.

  • Elevates Bed 6 Inches
  • Soft Exterior Lesson Painful Stubbed Toes
  • Creates Additional Storage Space
  • Various Colors
  • Ideal for College & Studio Living


Design Patent #D668,942

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Steven P. McGarry of Raleigh,NC has designed a four piece set of bed frame risers that areplaced underneath the four posts of a bed frame in order to elevatethe bed.

Thoseliving in small quarters such as in dormitories and efficiencyapartment know all to well the problems with lack of storage space. In fact, many try to utilize the underneath portion of a bed framefor storage; however, there never seems to be enough height or spacein this area. In an effort to increase storage underneath the bedmany people try to elevate the bed, which can cause it to becomeunstable and uneven. Additionally, if hard, ridged objects are usedin the elevation process the user is more likely to stub their toe ortrip, which can result in bruises and other injuries. InventorMcGarry has created a means by which a bed framecan be elevated, for increased storage, without the disadvantagesdescribed above.

Thisclever new invention elevates bed 6 inches to create additionalstorage space. It features a soft exterior, which allows for fewerstubbed toes. The invention is ideal for college and studio living,and would be made available in different colors and designs to matchdifferent decors. The use of the Bed FrameRiser allows bed frames to be elevated for increasedstorage in manner that is quick, easy and effective.

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