Bed Frame Holster

InventorThomas patent pending invention called the Bed Frame Holster is a set ofcompartments that are interchangeably attached to the side of a bed for storingitems such as television remotes, flashlights, bed operating controls, readingmaterial and even handguns.

  • Keeps Items Organized 
  • Clamps to Bed Rail 
  • Enhanced Convenience 
  • Numerous Compartment Styles & Colors 
  • Not Visible when Bed is Made


Design Patent #8,177,065

Story Behind the Invention

Jacksonville, FL Inventor Frederick R. Thomas announces his patent pending invention known asthe Bed Frame Holster. 

Inventor Thomas developed this clever innovation, which isa set of compartments that are interchangeably attached to the side of a bedfor storing items such as television remotes, flashlights, bed operatingcontrols, lotions, snacks, reading material and even handguns.  The interchangeable holding devices for thesespecific needs are attached to the bed side, near its top. They are held to thebed frame rail by means of a U-shaped clamp and wing nuts. The holders areavailable in multiple colors and styles and are easily covered by a comforter,bedspread or quilt when access is not required. The invention is ideal for use in bedrooms, where nightstands are notpresent.  The use of the BedFrame Holster provides a unique, customizable storage solution forbedroom areas.

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