Beach Towel with Anchoring Means

This invention is a beach towel with an integral anchoring system.

  • Keeps Towelfrom Blowing Away
  • UseableAnywhere Outdoors
  • ZipperedPockets for Personal Items
  • Available InMany Sizes & Colors
  • Provides ANeater & Cleaner Appearance
  • Detachable,Reflective Surface for Tanning


Patent 8,327,476

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Anna Marie Paratore of Albany, NY has designed a beach towel with an integral anchoring system.

Very few leisure time activities rival that of spending a warm summer day at the beach. Often people use a large beach towel to sprawl out on the sand. Such towels help to keep the user clean and comfortable. However, these lightweight towels tend to blow away when no one is sitting on them, or if people are on them the corners blow up and over with the slightest breeze. It is a constant struggle to keep the towel in place, and the unpleasant result is a sand covered beach towel. Inventor Paratore has created a means by which beach towels can easily be kept in a flat and spread out position.

This clever new invention can be used on various outdoor surfaces, especially sand and grass. The grommet and stake assembly of the invention keeps the towel from blowing away even in the windiest conditions. The invention has a detachable, reflective surface for tanning, zippered pockets for personal items, and a ground mat for waterproof protection. It is also available in many sizes and colors. The use of the Beach Towel with Anchoring Means allows for worry free use of beach towels in a manner that is both easy and efficient.

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