Flame Suppression Device for Barbeque Grills

The invention is an attachment system for grills designed to extinguish flame-ups while grilling food.

  • Reduces Risk of Burning Self
  • Sprays Low Pressure Mist Form
  • Prevents Burning/Destroying Food
  • Also Functions With Closed Lid
  • Manually Operated Hand Pump
  • Fits Different Grill Types & Sizes 


Patent #8,157,020

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Dustin L. Bass of LakeCity, FL has developed a patent pendingattachment system for grills designed to extinguish flame-ups whilegrilling food.

Grillingis largely considered the healthiest way to cook food. It is alsothe most popular way to cook food outdoors. However, one drawback tothis method is the common occurrence of flame-ups, often caused bygrease from the food falling onto the open flames. Inventor Basshas remedied this possible emergency situation with a device whichsprays water to suppress such flame-ups.

 Thisclever new invention disburses water through a plurality of nozzleslocated inside of the grill between the cooking surface and heatingelement. It works with all sized grills, both gas and charcoal. With the lid up or down, the user can activate the low-spray mist bysimply pushing a button or opening a valve. The water reservoirholds two gallons of water so that the frequency of refilling isminimal. Use of the Flame Suppression Device forBarbeque Grills allows for barbecue grilling withoutthe worry of flame-ups, burnt food, or other disasters.

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