Battery Powered Adjustable Boat Seat

The invention is an electrically operated seat, for use in low-riding boats such as bass-boats, ski-boats and the like, which assists the user in standing up or sitting down.

  • Seat Raises and Lowers
  • Supports User Standing or Sitting
  • Increased Safety
  • Ideal For Elderly Boaters
  • Aftermarket Kit Available


Utility Patent #8,292,368

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor William Seth Yarbrough of Montgomery, AL has developed a safe and convenient means by which elderly and disabled individuals may enter and exit a low-sitting boat.

Elderly and disabled individuals know all too well of the increased difficulty of seemingly simple tasks, including the act of sitting down or standing up from a chair. For example, chairs found on fishing boats are particularly challenging because they typically sit very low on the ground. Unfortunately, fishing is often the prime recreational hobby of retired people who are most likely in the group that have difficulty getting in and out of chairs. Others are not always available to help and the person may feel embarrassed asking for assistance. Inventor Yarbrough has created a motorized seat specifically for these individuals who require assistance entering and exiting a boat.

This clever new invention is ideal for elderly boaters with its rising and lowering motorized seat. The invention supports the user while they are standing or sitting, allowing for increased safety and stability. In order to be made available for all boats, the invention is available in an aftermarket kit. The use of the Battery Powered Adjustable Boat Seat provides a safe and efficient means for the disabled or elderly to easily sit down or stand up from a boat chair without assistance.

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