Baseball Training Aid

Our Baseball Training Aid is a specialized baseball bat training tool to help teach baseball players the proper mechanics of hitting a ball.

  • Encourages Hitting Ball on Sweet Spot
  • Improves Hitting Posture & Balance
  • Uses Torso to Hit Ball Rather Than Arms
  • Allows For Easier & More Fluid Motions
  • Perfect for Baseball & Softball Training


Design Patent #D767,055

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Allen R. Randle, Sr. of Franklin, LA has designed a specialized baseball bat to help teach baseball and softball players the proper mechanics of hitting the ball.

The sport of baseball has remained among the most popular in the recent history of our country. However, for one to become skilled at baseball, or a similar sport such as softball, it takes a great deal of time and practice, especially when it comes to hitting the ball. More games are won and lost on hitting than almost any other factor of the game. As such, a lot of coaching time is spent teaching proper hitting techniques, especially when it comes to a player using their body and torso effectively, rather than only their arms. Inventor Randle has created a means by which the proper ball hitting procedures can be taught to those playing the game in a manner that is simple and straightforward.

This clever new invention improves hitting posture and balance. It teaches players how to use their torso when hitting the ball rather than just their arms. Additionally, both softball and baseball players will learn to hit the ball in one fluid motion. The use of the Baseball Training Aid provides a means of improving batting technique in a manner which is not only quick, easy, and effective, but simple to learn and easy to remember.

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