Baseball Strike Zone Training Aid

Our Batting Strike Zone Training Aid is an amazing baseball training device that teaches baseball players at any level the importance of knowing the strike zone. It will give the hitter discipline at the plate and allows a pitcher to master their pitch location by training the mind and muscle memory to memorize, recognize, execute and master pitching and hitting.

  • Enhances Control for the Pitcher
  • Increases Ability to See the Ball Quicker When Swinging
  • Teaches Batter to Recognize, Attack & Hit the Baseball in Front of the Plate
  • Allows Coaches to Evaluate Talent at the Plate & Promotes Team Participation
  • Perfect Training for Players at any Level
  • Minimal Maintenance Required & Easy Quick Set Up


Utility Patent #8,905,870

Story Behind the Invention

The sport of baseball has remained among the most popular in the recent history of our country. However, for one to become skilled at baseball, it takes a great deal of time and practice. Knowing the strike zone is an important element in the game. Inventor Stafford has created a means by which a hitter can learn discipline at the plate and a pitcher can master their pitch location, by training the mind and muscle memory to memorize, recognize, execute, and master hitting and pitching.

This clever new invention enhances control for the pitcher. It increases the ability to see the ball more quickly when swinging. It teaches a batter to recognize, attack and hit the baseball in front of the plate. It allows coaches to evaluate talent and promotes team participation. It is the perfect training device for players of all levels. Minimum maintenance is required and it is an easy and quick set up. The use of the Baseball Strike Zone Training Aid teaches players the importance of the strike zone in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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