Baseball Pitching Training Apparatus

The invention is a target system for baseball pitchers that improves pitching skills.

  • Teaches basic pitching actions
  • Reinforces correct pitching habits
  • Primary zones vary based on age & capability
  • Balls can be easily retrieved
  • Weighted properly to reduce movement


Utility Patent #8,771,107

Story Behind the Invention

As the American Past-time, baseball has remained a popular sport and continues to grow world wide. In the game of baseball, the difference between a pop-fly and a homerun is . More games are won or lost on the ability of the pitcher to execute pitches consistently and with control. Unlike other pitching targets, which focus only on hitting the entire strike zone, Inventor Ayala has invented a target with multiples zones within and outside the strike zone which enables a coach to teach and a pitcher to practice the precise art of pitching. With this apparatus coaches and players will be able to develop the proper approach to pitching, with zones ranging from high and tight to low and outside. Inventor Ayala has created a fun, challenging, and unique means of practicing baseball pitching.
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