Baseball Cap Insert

This invention is an apparatus tokeep the front area of a baseball or sport cap in an erect and upright statewhile being worn.

  • Prevents Front Of Cap From Capsizing
  • Does Not Contact Users Head Or Skin
  • Saves Money On Cap Replacement
  • Keeps Caps Looking Newer Longer


Design Patent #D660,555

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Steven L. Stoltz of Thompson Falls, MThas created an insert that helps tokeep a baseball cap in an erect and upright state while being worn and evenwhile being washed.

Sport caps, such as those worn by baseball players,are favorite collectibles among team fans. Not only can the caps be worn to show support for a favorite team, butthe caps form an aesthetically pleasing part of ones wardrobe with theirbright color combinations and various styles. While the styles of such caps are as numerous as the people who wearthem, one thing they all have in common is that they must maintain an uprightand erect state across the front of the cap to look their best.  A cap whose frontal area is caved in willalways look sloppy.  As caps age, theytend to become less rigid and capsize. In an effort to avoid sloppy,capsized ball caps, Inventor Stoltz hascreated a means by which the frontal area of a baseball style cap can be keptin an upright manner.

This clever newinvention prevents the front of a baseball cap from capsizing, but does notcome in contact with the users head or skin. This item can save you money by keeping caps looking newer longer.  Additionally, the invention allows baseballcaps to be perfectly reshaped after washing and drying, and it can even be usedduring the wash cycle.  The use of the Baseball Cap Insert provides the ability to maintain the look of aperfectly formed baseball cap in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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