Baby Bottle Steamer

InventorCowles patent pending invention called the Baby Bottle Steamer is an apparatusthat uses steam to warm baby bottles.

  • Heats Bottle in Seconds
  • Timer Control for Automatic Warming
  • On/Off Switch & AC Adapter
  • Temperature Probe for Exact Heating
  • Easy-Clean Removable Plastic Steamer Nozzle


Utility Patent #8,131,137

Story Behind the Invention

San Francisco, CA Inventor Scott R. Cowles announces his patent pending invention known as theBaby Bottle Steamer. 

InventorCowles developed this clever innovation,which is an apparatus that uses steam to warm baby bottles.  The apparatus consists of a reservoir inwhich water is heated by an electric resistance-type heater to produce steam,which is controlled via an on/off switch and an electronic control panel.  A probe is used to measure the exacttemperature of the heated liquid such as milk or formula, and displays thattemperature on a digital readout. Thus, the parent or caregiver is assured of theliquid being heated to the exact desired temperature, eliminating the hazard ofburning the infant. The apparatus is capable of heating a bottle of liquid inmere seconds as oppose to minutes as is the case with conventional heatingmethods. It is envisioned that the apparatus can not only heat a bottle in ashorter period of time, but also can do so in a more consistent and accuratemanner compared to current manual methods. The use of the Baby Bottle Steamer provides for thequick and automatic preparation of infant bottles in a manner that keepsinfants safe and happy while reducing worry and time constraints for parentsand care providers.

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