Baby Bottle Microfiber Drying Wand

InventorShimazus patent pending invention called the Bottle Shammie (Baby BottleMicrofiber Drying Wand) is designed to aid in drying baby bottles after theyhave been washed.

  • Removes All Moisture
  • Ergonomic Handle with Grips 
  •  Removable, Machine-Washable Head 
  •  Reaches Bottom of Bottle 
  •  Quick & Efficient Drying

Story Behind the Invention

While caring for a newborn babycan be one of the most rewarding duties a person may bear, it is often one ofthe most traumatizing.  When a new infantcomes into the home, a whole new set of daily tasks come with it.  One task that occupies much time is theprocess of cleaning baby bottles after use. While the actual cleaning process, and perhaps even boiling, is straightforward, it is how to dry the bottles afterwards that causes manyproblems.  If they are placed upside downon a counter, the opening can become contaminated.  Additionally, this position traps moistureinside of the bottle making it impossible to dry.  Should the bottle be placed upright, excessrinse water will pool in the bottom causing lengthened drying time.  Many resort to stuffing a kitchen towelinside with the aid of a long-handled utensil such as a spoon.  However, such a process takes an inordinateamount of time, and is often difficult due to the bulk of the towel being toolarge for the bottle opening.  Finally,such towels are often used for other tasks around the kitchen and may becontaminated with germs and bacteria which are transferred to the bottleinterior.

Inventor and new mom Nicole Shimazu of Kalaheo, HI, has developed aclever innovation that is designed to aid in drying baby bottles after theyhave been washed.

The Baby Bottle Microfiber DryingWand provides for quick and efficient means of drying.  It has an ergonomic handle with grips and islong enough to reach clear to the bottom of any bottle.  It is also provided with a removable head,allowing it to be machine washable.  Theinvention is perfect for any new mom; it provides an efficient means of dryingand removing not just some, but all moisture from any sized baby bottle.

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