Baby Bottle Holder

The invention is an apparatus that holds a baby bottle in place while feeding.

  • Works With All Bottles
  • Easily Removed For Cleaning/Refilling
  • Attaches To Car Seat, Stroller, Playpen/Crib
  • Uses Threaded/Spring Loaded Clamp
  • Infinite Movement Capabilities


Patent #D 628,703

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Trena Rodriguez of Reston, VA has developed an apparatus that holds a baby bottle in place while a child is feeding.

When babies are learning to hold a bottle on their own, the bottle is bond to be dropped at least a few times during the feeding process. Parents or caregivers must then go through the process of picking the bottle back up, cleaning it, and returning it to the baby, which becomes aggravating and time consuming. The situation becomes a safety issue when driving in a car due to the fact that the driver must search the backseat while the car is in motion. As a solution to this problem Inventor Rodriguez created a means to retain baby bottles without the risk of them falling.

This clever new invention uses a threaded, spring loaded Clamp, which is able to attach to car seats, strollers, cribs, and the like. It is universal as it works with all bottles, and is easily removed for relocation and cleaning. The use of the Baby Bottle Holder ensures that a baby bottle remains in place, thus making for a happy baby.

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