Automatic Spray Mechanism

The Automatic Spray Mechanism is an automatic spray deterrent to keepanimals away from flower beds, and other restricted areas in ones yard.

  • Produces Sudden Spray of Water to Scare Animals
  • Non-Toxic
  • For Use with Pets Such As Cats and Dogs
  • Also Effective on Wild Animals
  • Easily Refillable At Faucet When Empty


Utility Patent #8,904,968

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Eric John Nelson of Lubbock, TX has created an automatic spray deterrent to keep animals away from flower beds, and other restricted areas in ones yard. 

Many Americans spend countless hours maintaining and caring for their lawns, flower beds,gardens, trees, and bushes in the yards around their homes. One certainly does not want to see their work destroyed by wandering neighborhood pets such as cats and dogs, or wild animals such as deer and raccoons. While fences,electronic fences, chemical based deterrents and the like can be used, all such methods suffer from side effects such as decreased aesthetic appeal, costs, or toxic side effects that could harm the animals, or nearby children.  Inventor Nelson has created a means by which one can keep unwanted animals out of flower beds, gardens, and other restricted areas in ones yard without these disadvantages.

This clever new invention produces a sudden spray of water to scare animals and keep them away. It is non-toxic.It is for use with pets such as cats and dogs. It also is effective with wild animals. It can be easily refilled at a faucet when empty. The use of the Automatic Spray Mechanism provides a means to keep pets and wild animals out of flowerbeds, gardens, and other restricted yard areas in a manner that is not only quick, easy and effective, but humane as well.

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