Automatic Back Cleaner Wtih Interchangeable Cloth Covers

The invention is a powered back scrubber that attaches to a shower wall which allows the user to effectively clean their back.

  • Ideal for Handicapped/Elderly
  • Scrubs in Circular Motion
  • Interchangeable Cleansing Cloths
  • Height Adjustable
  • Safe, Waterproof Design

Story Behind the Invention

The age-old problem associated with the washing of ones back has never really been solved. Long-handled scrub brushes have been used in the past, but they are often difficult to use and ineffective due to the fact that full back coverage or adequate scrubbing is often not accomplished. Furthermore, vigorous scrubbing action can be quickly tiring for many; especially the elderly and physically disabled who may be incapable of cleaning their own backs.

With an innovative solution, inventor Edsel C. Kennard of Bear, DE, has developed a powered back scrubber that attaches to a shower wall to allow a user to effectively clean his or her back.

The Automatic Back Cleaner with Interchangeable Cloth Covers pampers users with a complete and effortless backwash. Its interchangeable cleansing cloths and height-adjustability provides a hygienic and customizable wash that is unparalleled. To use the invention, the user simply applies soap, turns the invention on, and then rubs his or her back up against it. It is ideal for the elderly and handicapped, but can be enjoyed by anybody looking for a completely effortless backwash.

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