Audible Prod for Livestock

The invention is a long pole with a whistling device at the end, designed to move livestock in a humane and efficient manner.

  • Less Stressful to Animals
  • Lightweight, Durable Design
  • Reduces Amount of Manpower Needed
  • No Batteries or Electricity Required
  • More Humane Than Electric  Prods


Patent #8,210,130

Story Behind the Invention

The United States Patent and Trademark Office recently issuedpatent number 8,210,130. The patent, invented by Hadleyand Christine Bloomquist of Pine City,MN, is a whistling device designed to movelivestock in a controlled and humane manner.

Thereare many methods that can be used by herders, ranchers, and stockmento move livestock. Very few methods are compassionate and/orefficient. Inventors Hadley and Christine Bloomquistwanted to create a device that would move livestock in a controlledmanner and would not cause harm to the animals or the people movingthem.

Thisclever new invention whistles when in use and moves herds with lessmanpower. The lightweight, durable design is ideal for all day useand requires no batteries or electricity. This device is more humaneand can be used from a distance unlike electric prods, causing lessstress for the animals and user. The use of the AudibleProd for Livestock provides a very functional means ofmoving livestock in a manner that is humane and effective.

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