Attachable Funnel with Internal Strainer

The Attachable Funnel with Internal Strainer is a specialized funnel for use with cooking oil.

  • Removes Small Particles In Oil
  • Helps Keep Oil From Spoiling
  • Easy To Wash & Clean After Use
  • Reduces Messes & Spills
  • Saves Time & Money


Utility Patent #8,567,456

Story Behind the Invention

Fried foods such as fried turkey, fish, chicken, vegetables, and funnel cakes are among the favorite foods of people worldwide. Their taste coupled with the crispy exterior texture makes them hard to resist. Such foods typically require complete immersion in hot cooking oil to complete the frying process. When complete, the user is left with a large quantity of cooking oil that can be stored and reused. This typically means transfer of the cooking oil to another container for storage. However, the user must remove any fried food remnants to prevent contamination and spoilage. Additionally, it is very difficult to pour the oil back into a container due to its heavy consistency. While a standard funnel can be used, the trapped or displaced air from the container being filled must pass through the liquid, not only causing gurgling and possible splashing, but also a slow fill rate. Inventor Francis has created a means by which cooking oil can be easily stored.

This clever new invention removes any small food particles that might be remaining in the oil, which helps keep the oil from spoiling during storage. The funnel is easy to wash after each use, and reduces messes and spills during the funneling process. The use of the Funnel with Straining and Attaching Features allows for transfer of used cooking oil from one container to another in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.
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