Attachable Adjustable Railing for Shelves

This invention is a system andmethod by which items contained in the storage cabinets and cupboards of recreationalvehicles can be secured in place.

  • Prevents Contents of Cabinets/Cupboards FromFalling   
  • Eliminates Messy Cleanup 
  •  Adjustable To Fit Most Shelves 
  •  Easily Removed 
  •  Ideal For Any Type Of Recreational Vehicle


Utility Patent 8,430,253

Story Behind the Invention

InventorsWilliam L. Jackson and Sandra C. Jackson of Livingston, MT have developeda handy device to help keep items in RV cupboards in place.

Millions ofAmericans enjoy camping and traveling as their preferred leisure time activity,especially in recreational vehicles, or RVs. They provide all the comforts of home, including a multitude of storagecabinets and cupboards to hold food, materials, and supplies.  Unfortunately, the contents of such cabinetstend to move and slide about as the RV travels down the road.  Should the items be made of fragile materials,they can break and require a large amount of cleanup, especially if the doorsshould happen to accidentally open themselves. Inventors Jackson have created ameans by which items inside of cabinets located in recreational vehicles can besafely and securely stored.

This clever newinvention prevents the contents of cabinets or cupboards from falling out andeliminates the messy cleanups that can result. It is adjustable to fit most shelves and is easily removed.  Also, the invention is ideal for any type ofrecreational vehicle.  The use of the Attachable Adjustable Railing for Shelvesprovides the ability to easily retain the contents of a cabinet or cupboardwithin a recreational vehicle in order to increase safety and eliminate messes.

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